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Maintain Rural Character

My vision for North Cowichan involves maintaining our rural character and preventing urban sprawl.  My priorities are to:

Image by Jakob Rosen
  • Partner with UBC to complete the review of North Cowichan’s community forest, and implement a new forest management plan based on public input.

  • Focus future growth in established centres within the Urban Containment Boundary and encourage infill development to prevent urban sprawl into rural and environmentally sensitive areas. 

  • Implement policies that protect greenspace and rural values, including conservation subdivision design, site adaptive planning, and protection of scenic corridors.

  • Partner with local farmers to develop new Strategic Agricultural Plan to improve local food production and strengthen economic vitality of farming.

  • Work with the Province, Young Agrarians and Cowichan Agricultural Society to explore leasing municipally-owned property for local farming activity.

  • Advocate for the Province to provide supports to address local farming issues, including lifestock slaughter capacity, water access, secure land and training for new farmers, market supports for small-scale producers, and climate change adaptation.

  • Work with Cowichan Valley Regional District, First Nations and local farmers and residents to address flooding in lower Chemainus River watershed.

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