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I am  pleased to announce that I am running for Mayor of North Cowichan in the upcoming municipal election on October 15th.

We are facing a number of growing challenges in North Cowichan, from a lack of affordable housing and homelessness, to environmental degradation and the effects of climate change, to a loss of high-paying jobs and a rising cost of living. Local government can’t solve all these problems on its own, but we can certainly do more.

As a life-long resident with a strong track record as a municipal councillor and community volunteer, I can provide the strong leadership and new ideas that the municipality will need to work with local residents to address the big issues facing the community.

My top priorities as Mayor, if given that privilege by the people of North Cowichan, will be to tackle the affordable housing crisis, defend the environment, build a strong local economy, create safe neighbourhoods, and maintain our rural character. Through hard work, involving local residents in decision-making, and aggressively lobbying the senior levels of government, we can accomplish a great deal over the next four years.

Our election campaign will be grassroots, relying on the hard work and small donations of local residents rather than big money donors. If you would like to support me in running for Mayor of North Cowichan, please consider signing up as a volunteer or making a financial contribution - whether it’s spending a couple hours knocking on doors, taking a lawn sign, or chipping in a few bucks, every bit makes a difference. 

I hope to count on your support this fall!

Rob Douglas
North Cowichan

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